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The information contained in this web site is believed to be reliable and while every effort is made to assure that the information is as accurate as possible, the owner of this site whose name appears above, and Advanced Access disclaim any implied warranty or representation about it’s accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for any particular purpose.  This includes but is not limited to  information provided by any third party which is accessed through this site via a hyperlink.

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Any reference or advertising to specific products, companies or services does not necessarily constitute or imply recommendation or endorsement by the owner of this site or Advanced Access.

Appropriate expert advice from a Chartered Accountant or Tax Consultant to be /should be sought in regard to capital Gains issues and exemptions.

Please contact me should you have a question in this regards for Buying or Selling Real Estate Related matters.

The information provided in this blog is for information purpose only, Author is not Liable for any Misuse or Other, Use on your risk.Please verify the codes from local and federal laws and use right professional advise in the matter.

Author is Licensed Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Agent, and provide service in the respective field only.

Now that everyone’s  lawyers are happy . . . please enjoy this site!

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