Important Read if you are home owner or going to be in Canada.

Real estate agents caught breaking the rules on Marketplace’s hidden camera: Marketplace-CBC

What I have watched is in Marketplace/CBC : 

I state as follows in obvious reaction..

“What a bunch of critters damaging the entire community of ethical and licensed and heavily regulated individuals who work hard for their clients in the real estate industry, who follow the fiduciary duty to care and protect their client’s interest ahead of them.”

I wish everyone who is home owners or to be or Anyone who see this episodes I have to say only one thing, these individuals may be just a bunch of intoxicated agents who can work in this decent trade and make their family’s living by employing their own bad ethics and do any Illigal things to and on their own way but they care about the rest and even their own clients, RECO should take harshest steps and bring them to justice. People deserve the best win win stories and real representations and not this.

In my opinion Real Realtors are having a motto of : ” How can we make your life better?” And not just ignorantly misrepresent or unethically ruin the trade.

I am personally dis-appointed just like each of you. Count me in with you to condemn those individuals who try to ruin other people and their lives. Feeling so sorry for the people who are at loss in those trades where these kind of pimps involves. Real Real Estate Agents are Best Negotiators and Honest individuals, and those are respected well for their CARE for their Clients.

Real estate agents caught breaking the rules on Marketplace’s hidden camera: …