Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program : Ontario, Canada.

What is the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program?

What brownfields are

Brownfields are usually former industrial lands that are now vacant or underused but have the potential to be redeveloped for new uses. Brownfields may be contaminated due to past or present activities. Some examples are:

  • closed factories
  • gas stations
  • waterfront lands formerly used for commercial port operations

The Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program (BFTIP) is an initiative of the government of Ontario to encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfield properties.

It provides provincial education property tax assistance to match municipal property tax assistance for cleanup of eligible brownfield properties. Under the program, the province can cancel all, or a portion of the education property taxes of a property for up to three years. Municipalities can apply for an extension prior to the termination of the tax assistance.

How do I apply?

If you are a brownfield property owner interested in the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program, contact your local municipality. Municipalities apply on behalf of property owners. They must also be qualified under the program before the owner can receive provincial assistance.

A municipality interested in BFTIP must first be offering municipal property tax assistance on the brownfield property located within a Community Improvement Plan project area.

The municipality will need specific information and an authorization from the property owner. These will be sent to MMAH and/or other ministries.

Ministry staff will review applications and will contact the municipality if more information is needed.

Local governments are responsible for their decisions and actions. Legal requirements not mentioned in the application may apply to the provision of BFTIP or a municipal bylaw. Municipalities are encouraged to obtain legal advice in developing or passing any bylaw, including a bylaw under section 365.1 of the Municipal Act, 2001 or where otherwise needed for the purposes of BFTIP.

Overview of Application Requirements

For complete information on program criteria and requirements click here.

  • Application Form – The municipality must fill out an application form for each property it proposes to receive education property tax assistance.
  • Proposed Municipal Tax Assistance Bylaw – The proposed municipal tax assistance bylaw must include the details of the municipal property tax assistance to be offered to brownfield property owner(s) over a given time period.
  • Community Improvement Plan (CIP) – The municipality must include a copy of the relevant CIP, and the bylaw adopting it, enabling the municipality to provide municipal property tax assistance.
  • Program Information and Document Requirements – A variety of other information requirements apply such as confirmation of participation by upper-tier municipalities (if applicable), current assessment information, and estimates of the tax assistance to be provided.

Requirements of the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program Attachment (310.3 KB) (PDF 64KB)

Application for Matching Education Property Tax Assistance Attachment (310.3 KB) (PDF 45KB)

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Where do I get more information?

The nearest regional Municipal Services Office is your contact for information about the Brownfields Financial Tax Incentive Program.

Southwest (London)
659 Exeter Road, 2nd Floor
London, ON N6E 1L3
(519) 873-4020 or

Central (Toronto)
777 Bay Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2E5
(416) 585-6226 or

East (Kingston)
8 Estate Lane, Rockwood House
Kingston, ON K7M 9A8
(613) 545-2100 or

Northeast (Sudbury)
159 Cedar Street, Suite 401
Sudbury, ON P3E 6A5
(705) 564-0120 or

Northwest (Thunder Bay)
435 James Street South, Suite 223
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6S7
(807) 475-1651 or