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People hunting for houses in Toronto have seen the economists’ predictions that prices may fall by 20 per cent and they want their discounts – now.
Buyer is becoming more and more aggressive and negotiating and driving the deal.

In many cases sellers are taking less than they were expecting to, as an estimate prices in Toronto have slipped by 3 to 5 per cent since the spring. This tends to become new norm or market is waiting for new spring of 2013 market to find the ceiling again for the price.

“New price- Reduced ” is not something we’re accustomed to seeing on lawn signs and advertisements in Toronto but that phrase is starting to appear more often since the fall, as if you are buyer , this time of the year is better for deal finders.

Having said that, please read the articles as link below:

From Globe & Mail : The Toronto Home Buyers went back in the Driving Seat


From Toronto Star : Condo takes the big hit as GTA home sales drops


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