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Victoria Day fireworks in Toronto 2012
Where to watch Victoria Day fireworks in Toronto 2012

For those not overly eager to risk setting off their own fireworks, there are two places in the GTA to witness some fireworks this weekend.

In Toronto City, Ashbridges Bay Park hosts the only (confirmed) Toronto fireworks display to light up the sky on the holiday Monday, and this year’s show will be a 14-minute whopper, rain or shine. The crowd promises to be immense, with more than 80,000 people expected for the 9:45 p.m. show.

Canada’s Wonderland routinely puts on a good show, and this year’s fireworks display will take place on Sunday, May 20 at 10 p.m. You can opt for a day pass at the gate for the steep cost of $56.99 — if you’d like to be close-up for the 15-20 minute fireworks display, and/or properly nauseated after a long day of loops and dives — but many choose to enjoy the show from outside the proper confines of the park.

Public holidays in Canada are set at the national level countrywide as well as by each of the 10 provinces and three territories. Be sure to check both the national and the provincial listing of holidays.

The Canadian public holidays listed on the chart below comprise all annual national holidays where banks, government offices, schools and businesses are closed, unless otherwise indicated.

See table below for a listing all the national public holidays in Canada until 2015.

Public Holidays in Canada 2012-2015

Public Holiday 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
New Year’s Day Fri, Jan 1 Sat, Jan 1 Sun, Jan 1 Tues, Jan 1 Wed, Jan 1 Thurs, Jan 1
Family Day (3rd Mon of Feb. in ALTA, SASK, MAN* & ON) Feb 15 Feb 21 Feb 20 Feb 18 Feb 17 Feb 16
Good Friday April 2 April 22 April 6 March 29 April 18 April 3
Easter Monday Schools and gov. offices closed, many businesses and banks open. April 5 April 25 April 9 April 1 April 21 April 6
Victoria Day (the Monday before May 25) May 24 May 23 May 21 May 20 May 19 May 18
Canada Day Thurs, July 1 Fri, July 1 Mon, July 2 Mon, July 1 Tues, July 1 Wed, July 1
First Monday of August Civic Holiday: celebrated by most provinces. Aug 2 Aug 1 Aug 6 Aug 5 Aug 4 Aug 3
Labour Day (first Mon. of Sept.) Sept 6 Sept 5 Sept 3 Sept 2 Sept 1 Sept 7
Thanksgiving Day (2nd Mon of Oct) Oct 11 Oct 10 Oct 8 Oct 14 Oct 13 Oct 12
Remembrance Day (banks and gov. offices closed, but most business & schools open) Thurs, Nov 11 Fri, Nov 11 Sun, Nov 11 Mon, Nov 11 Tues, Nov 11 Wed, Nov 11
Christmas Day Sat, Dec 25 Sun, Dec 25 Tues, Dec 25 Wed, Dec 25 Thurs, Dec 25 Fri, Dec 25
Boxing Day (most stores open) Sun, Dec 26 Mon, Dec 26 Wed, Dec 26 Thurs, Dec 26 Fri, Dec 26 Sat, Dec 26

*Manitoba actually officially celebrates Louis Riel Day, but many people call it Family Day.

Note: Above info. is believe to be true but not warranties for anything. Use this all above information on your risk. Please verify with right authorities. Info. and time subject to change.