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Instant price estimates for property. Is it impossible or possible?

 There are some online appraisal websites where if you click on the tab and enter an address it will ask a few questions and give you a value estimate. You are required re-read the cautions about the service as it does have some limitations. That being said, I have played with the tool, and it is not too scary as thought but if it is accurate? !!!

Some REALTORS do over the phone evaluations. And they claim to be exactly and precisely right. Although I will do them in certain areas that I am highly familiar with I always recommend allowing a proper market evaluation as some things you may not mention to the REALTOR may alter the value either up or down, and ultimately not seeing the property does not allow us to give you the best Market Value Evaluation. If you would like an instant price estimate look in your mail for a local & Licensed REALTOR who advertises over the phone market evaluations and call them. I however caution you that you would do yourself far better service to contact a reputable Licensed REALTOR and invite them to your home. Good Luck and have a great day.

I’ve been in the business for a time and never do estimates from my desk or home office. Sorry, I’m not Magician and a house can be from zero to a hero, I mean unpredictable on unseen. In essence, I do not offer “no service kind of service”. There is none in the world who can guess what your house is like, how much you have spent in upgrades over the home ownership period in comparison to your neighbour who still has green shag carpets from 1969 and war torn hardwood from dog nails etc. When you pay nothing, you generally get nothing. I will not sign an estimate if I do not have all the facts considered and reviewed personally.

If you do want a quick and very rough estimate of the value of your home, I would look to your assessed value for property tax purposes, the report you get every year from MPAC report. It will likely give you an idea if your property is worth $300,000 or $3 million. But if you want more insight then call a reputable realtor for a proper comparative market analysis (CMA). This analysis CMA will give you a better idea what your property would actually sell for in the current market conditions.

Many factors come into play for CMA – what is the overall real estate market like, what is the market like for your specific property, what condition is your property in and how does your property compare to similar homes currently listed right now, so it is called comparables. For example, if your neighbor with a fairly similar property accepts a low ball offer because he already bought the new home and he is anxious to sell this old one that is unfortunately going to affect the market value of your property. Most importantly this estimate is likely to be a range rather than a single number, like the estimate of price could be “from $410k to $430k”. Some properties are difficult to put an accurate price on and the sales price obtained could be within a large range. Other properties are in an area with many similar properties that have sold recently and are a little easier to put a price on within a fairly tight range agreeable to seller.

I spend a considerable amount of time on each comparative market evaluation that I do and I think my clients would agree that I provide useful information that would be difficult to obtain automatically or instantly. I think in this situation the phrase “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right” is so true. I always research properties on-line and off-line before I actually visit the property to do a market evaluation. It is getting easier to find information online but there really is no substitute for seeing a property, its setting and comparable properties in person.

Hopefully the ‘instant’ Market Evaluation that you seek will not be used to determine the price to list your home. You can probably get one or two evaluations at no expense to you anyway from your local real estate brokerages. It may not be instant, but it will be customized for your unique home and not just made up ones & instead of based on last year’s statistics for all homes in the city.

I am sure you will agree with the personal talk we had thru this article, if you like to have your property evaluated you can contact me directly on cell and arrange appointment or contact me online to set an appointment of your property.

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