Experienced and Savvy Investors Buy in December to March Winter Months

Why do a Large Number of Experienced and Savvy Investors Buy in December to March Winter Months?

For a few personal reasons, some people have no time limit (expiration of apartment lease, etc.)and so they really wait until they find something they love to do before purchasing like marrying, which can come at any time, including the snowy winter months as well.

Also, if a property has not sold over the busier season (spring and summer), owners as well as realtors tend to drop the asking price a little to attract more investors to the property. So sometimes, you can get a better deal on a property in the winter months as opposed to the months where the most investors are searching the housing market. Investors think that there is a possibility of better deal to be had….but, many times it is not so….you need right investor agent who can navigate thru this surfing and searching.
There is one good reason is that there are fewer sales and fewer investors in these months so some investors see that as a great time to get a deal. Some houses do not show up in the realtor search as it is in the batches on system for group of years like under 5yrs, under 10 years & so on, so those comes up as soon as the new year starts, also the possible search criteria also changed altogether.

If a seller has placed a conditional offer on a new home and theirs is still not sold by the winter, you may also have an easier time negotiating as they have deadlines to sell their home, so the Investor have an opportunity.

Each selling and purchasing decision is based on a variety of different motives. It’s often case by case and so does just like credit ratings its all depends on individuals.

Don’t be fooled though, some of the statistics I have seen have shown that December is also a good time to sell, and recent years you can verify mls.ca stats, winter months are not bad producing months as well, Because fewer inventories on the market mean less competition, and if investor is in need and do not want to wait despite realtor try to wait for new match property comes up in market. Sometimes good houses do not sell because the competition is fierce and even though they may be priced and war of price so hot, to-gather competitively, they fail to sell because if excess inventory levels. Over major portion of the houses listed in GTA last year in December sold. This made it the number: one month to sell if you want to have an edge on the market inventory if you think and plan properly and willing to take risk with good experience agent and with lots of ice over the head.

Some of my clients save up and buy this time of year. Most investors do not want to be bothered over the Christmas season but investors know that offers at this time of year are scarce at best. This is the time of year when those of us agents that represent investor investors are the busiest. Feel free to contact me if you wish to explore the investor market, there are a lot of great deals out there right now that my clients are snapping up! Would you like to wait or go depends on your choice.

Another good reason is that in winter months only serious sellers remain in the market just like serious investors and price the property accordingly well to sell and ready to make a deal before spring market competition starts. Negotiations take place well when both parties are motivated. An experienced Realtor can get you a great deal in winter.

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