Do i need a permit to build a fence ?

You don’t require a permit to build a fence unless it is for a swimming pool enclosure. Be aware, however, that some restrictions do apply so contact your local buildings office before you build or view the fence bylaw online. To help resolve any disputes between property owners, the City of Toronto has established an impartial arbitration process under the Provincial Line Fences Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter L.17. You can find more information or download an application for fence viewers on the City’s Line Fence web page. Infractions of the fence bylaw can be reported to Investigation Services, Municipal Licensing & Standards.
This is to provides standards regarding the location, type and height of fences. Noted below are some examples:

  • Back yard fence – cannot be more than 6 feet 6 inches in height
  • Front yard fence – cannot be more than 4 feet high but the first 8 feet must be no higher than 39 inches if the material is opaque
  • Pool fences – you must have a fence around a pool to prevent entry to the area where the pool is located

If you see a fence that you think is in violation of the standards, contact your City’s District Office and an Officer will investigate the complaint.

Fence Viewers, appointed by City Council under the provincial Fence Viewers Act. A Fence Viewer can be hired (an information sheet is available from the City Clerk) by a property owner if there is a dispute over a fence erected on a property line.

Building an Alternate-Board Fence