Successful  Real Estate Investment Strategy

When you are investing in real estate, it would be nice to have a crystal ball.

Barring the existence of said crystal ball, the best way to predict the future when investing is to employ some sort of strategy.  For the seasoned property investor the question is certainly about what they are investing in- but as important, is where they are investing.

So what factors should you look at when looking to invest in property?

The common denominator

There are fundamentals to consider, no matter where you are looking: “There are many fundamentals for property investors to consider when looking at investment properties. Sometimes investors will invest with their heart or based on what they believe will happen without looking at many of the underlying aspects.”

“The biggest factors to consider are the housing market, population growth, the job numbers and employment levels, up-and-coming industries, education, average income, infrastructure in the area, the political leadership of the city and province, and so on.”

Also, and perhaps most importantly, property investors must consider local factors that will affect the value of their property.

Identification of Property

Beyond the where of property investment, it also is advisable to look at opportunities in terms of what kind of property offers the best return on investment.

Part of a successful strategy is not only picking a location poised for growth, but of having an awareness of the needs of the local market, and of the associated properties.

It’s not only about looking in the right locations; it is about keeping your ear to the ground, and knowing what to look for.  It’s about keeping connected with the community, and identifying “diamond in the rough” opportunities.

“If you see student housing market. Not many of investors recognize that Universities are increasing student capacity annually but is not doing anything about residences. The off-campus housing market, therefore, is booming. But we have to be diligent and ensure the safety of the kids while simultaneously ensuring investors receive a better than average ROI (currently 4-8%, sometimes as high as 10%).”

The good news for property investors is that there is ample opportunity to get in to markets that are poised to grow, and promise investment growth as well.  we have looked at various markets across ontario like Motels, Bed & Breakfast, or Investment in Apartment or Multi Residentials  industry – and at some common threads between them and, in no particular order, here are a few that have been deemed by authorities in the industry as areas to keep on the radar. This list is by no means an exhaustive one, merely a snapshot of what is happening across the country at present.

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Investment Canada Act / Frequently Asked Questions / An Overview of the Investment Canada Act (FAQs)

Investment Canada Act

maple leafsThe Investment Canada Act and RegulationsNon-Canadians who acquire control of an existing Canadian business or who wish to establish a new unrelated Canadian business are subject to this Act, and they must submit either a Notification or an Application for Review.

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