The Power of Referral

As many of you know, I work almost entirely through referral. This means that most of my new business comes from past client’s and friend’s recommending me to people they know. I want to take this opportunity to first thank all of you who have ever referred me to anyone and also tell you why referrals are so important and powerful.

Trust- The nice thing about working with a someone who found me through a recommendation is that we both have already established some level of trust with each other. Once I know that a new buyer or seller is a co-worker or friend of someone I have worked with in the past, I know that they are probably not going to have the doubts that a stranger would upon meeting someone new. I can trust that this person will follow-through with what they say and they can trust that I will live up to the expectations of the service I provided for the person who referred them.

Convenience- When you are looking for a realtor or any other type of service it is often time consuming to sort through professionals online. When you ask for a referral from someone you trust, you know that you won’t have to invest a lot of time into finding the right person. You have the convenience of knowing that a good source is only a referral away.

Referrals Save Everyone Time and Money- As a realtor I do invest money in my advertising. However, most of this advertising really helps referrals find me once someone has given my name out. There are different kinds of realtors out there with different business plans. While I save time by not blanketing neighborhoods with my information, I get to use that time to give each and every one of you a more personalized detailed service.

A Good Match for Both of Us- I have found that working through referral I am usually referred to people who are very similar to my past clients. I have had the opportunity to work with lots of fun and interesting people during my real estate career and I just love each opportunity to meet someone else who is as fun as my past clients.

One Big Thank You- Of course I will thank all of you who have referred someone to me for their real estate needs. I greatly appreciate your recommendation. You are very important to my continued success!

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