First Time Home Buyer

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* Interest rates are really low. One of the best benefits of buying your first home now is that you can lock in for the life of your loan at one of the lowest interest rates in history. Over the lifespan of a loan you will save a lot of money not to mention a low monthly payment.

* Prices are affordable. Buyers who may not have been able to afford to enter our market can now afford a good reasonable home. Whether someone is considering a small home or a studio condo, the starting price is probably going to be affordable and in a range your salary can budget.

* Sellers are selling homes in a reasonable condition. During a home inspection there will always be repairs that are suggested on the home. In this market sellers are usually willing to repair reasonable requests. A buyer can expect that unless a home is sold “as is” it will probably be sold in a good shape.

* You don’t have to make your decision at 10pm on a Wednesday. In most cases you can take reasonable time to make an offer on a house. You won’t show up on the first day it was listed and find out there are already offers. It is possible to find multiple offers, but in most cases you don’t have to fend off competition every step of the way.

* You won’t get into a loan you can’t get out of. With today’s lending you can be sure the loan you are offered is one that is reasonable for your income and has payment terms that will keep you in your home as long as you want to be there.

* Sellers are open to giving a credit. It is common for first time home buyers to try and negotiate a credit from the sellers to pay for closing costs freeing up more of their savings for the down payment. In this market sellers are willing to pay this credit.

The next scheduled date for announcing the overnight rate target is Oct.19.


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