Why use a Mortgage Broker?

Best rates

Simply, a Mortgage Broker finds you the best deal on a mortgage. It is impossible to know that you have negotiated the best mortgage until you have shopped all of the financial institutions competing for your business. Mortgage Brokers have access to the latest information from a multitude of mortgage lending institutions at their fingertips. This gives you more choice and competitive rates. Not to mention the Mortgage Broker’s advice is impartial and is looking out for your best interests. A lower interest rate can save you thousands of dollars over the life of a loan. But, don’t be deceived by comparing only rates. Negotiating the right terms – amortization period, renewal date, payment frequency, prepayment privileges or penalties, fixed or variable interest – can save you thousands more!

Comprehensive Service

Mortgage Brokers also provide comprehensive service and fast approvals on mortgage financing. Mortgage Brokers are full-service brokers, coordinating all the details between you and your lender – as well as your Real Estate Agent or Builder, Lawyer, and Appraiser – to ensure that your purchase, renewal or refinance proceeds smoothly from application through to closing.

Expert Advice

Mortgage Brokers are expert negotiators and knowledgeable credit advisors and will gladly take the time to help you understand all the details involved in your transaction.

It’s Free

Did you know that it should never cost qualified applicants to have a Mortgage Broker looking out for your best interest? Mortgage Brokers are compensated by the lender in most cases, for arranging mortgage financing on your behalf. If you are looking for a pre-approved mortgage, purchasing real estate for personal or investment use, renewing existing financing, or considering debt consolidation through home refinance, it’s important that you are making an educated decision with someone looking out for your best interest.


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FAQ: http://www.centum.ca/Mortgages/FAQs 

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