How do I invest in a home through buying and renovations?

When is renovating my home a good investment?

A home may be one of the biggest investments you ever make. Saving up a down payment is just the first step. Find out more.

If you own a home, chances are you may think about making home improvements at some time. Renovation is a kind of investment because it can add value to your home. How does it compare to other kinds of investing, or to the interest you save by paying off your mortgage more quickly?

It depends on the kind of renovation you make. You may be making changes to your home that will be pleasant for you, but not increase its future value much. Before you plan any improvements, be aware of what does and does not add value to your home.

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What are the dangers of putting all my money in my home?

  • Housing prices can fall: If you buy your home when prices are up, and then have to sell when prices are lower, you could lose money.
  • Bad luck happens: Homes can get damaged by fire, wind, or water. You should have home insurance, but insurance doesn’t always cover everything.
  • Getting your money may not be easy: It can often take months to sell your home and get your money back.
  • There are other costs: There are lots of costs when you own a home, including roof repairs, painting, heat, property taxes, and hydro, to name just a few.

Remember: Don’t put all your savings in one investment

Buying a home can be an important part of your investment plan. Still, think carefully about your financial situation before you take this major step. You are usually better off if you have a number of different investments. Then, if one does poorly, you can hope the others do better.

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You can find the multiplexes/investment listings on webs sites as under

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