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What to do to be a Good Tenant

It is important to be the best tenant you can be, for a variety of reasons. You need your landlord’s good graces, even after you have moved out of your apartment or rental home.

There are many things you can do to be a good tenant, and they are actually quite easy. For example, simply paying your rent when it is due every month goes a long way towards making you a desirable tenant. Late payments are allowed in the event of an emergency, but you never want to make a habit out of it.

You also need to maintain both your home and your yard — or your part of the yard, if your landlords are on site. Just keep things neat and tidy, to prevent as much wear
There are some things you cannot maintain on your own. Indeed, there are some things you should not maintain on your own, because they are your landlord’s responsibilities.

So, do not be afraid to go to your landlord about repairs. You will not be annoying, your landlord will actually be thankful — they need to know what is wrong with the property. Besides, if you leave things until you move out, the repairs may cost your landlord more money.

You need to respect your lease. If you signed it knowing that you could not have pets or that you could only have a certain number of other people living in the place, you need to obey those rules. After all, you agreed with them in the first place.

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