Power of Sale Process: Issuing a Notice of Sale (continue from last article)

Notice of Sale under Mortgage

The notice is attached to the Mortgages Act, and is called a Notice of Sale under Mortgage. It advised of the lender’s intention to exercise the power of sale, and includes details of the mortgage, such as:

  • The date the mortgage was made.
  • The parties to the mortgage and the property mortgaged.
  • The amounts owing.
  • A warning that if the amounts owing are not paid by a specified date, the lender will sell the property.

If the power of sale is contractual, the borrower has 35 days to pay, unless otherwise stated in the mortgage agreements. If the power of sale is statutory, the borrower has 45 days to pay. The lender cannot do anything further within this “redemption” period, but by paying the amounts owing, the borrower can redeem the mortgage.

Once the redemption period expires and the borrower has failed to correct the default, the lender can sell the property. Under power of sale, the property can be sold by auction, private contract, or tender. Usually the property is listed with a real estate agent and placed on the market for sale. To ensure that the property comes to the attention of a large segment of the market, guidelines have been set up, including; listing the property with a multiple listing service, obtaining appraisals, and ensuring the listing is for the usual period of such properties.

Once the property is sold and if there is any surplus, the lender must account to the borrower(s), and other subsequent encumbrances. The Mortgage Act requires that the proceeds of the sale first be applied to the cost of conducting the sale, then to interest and cost owing under the mortgage, then to principal money owing under the mortgage, next to pay any amounts due to subsequent encumbrances, and finally to pay tenants’ security deposits.

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