Tips-Tricks and Important information for your Moving…

1.     Obtain estimates from moving companies.

2.     Give away, sell, and discard any unnecessary belongings.

3.     Advise post office and complete change of address cards to inform companies and employers of move.

4.     Obtain school records for new school transfer.

5.     Check and clear any outstanding realty taxes on your present property.

6.     Call your insurance agent and transfer or arrange coverage for your new home.

7.     Send out all items for cleaning or in need of repair.

8.     Return those items that were borrowed and collect any items loaned out.

9.     Dispose of flammable items.

10.Arrange for the shutting off of all utilities and the connection of utilities for your new house. Have meters read.

11.Try to arrange your telephone cancellation or transfer for the last possible moment on moving day.

12.Clean all drapes, rugs & floors.

13.Defrost and clean fridge one day before the move; clean stove.

14.Organize work that has to be completed at your new home.

15.Obtain appraisals for any items of value in case you need to make an insurance claim from the moving company. Pictures are a great benefit here!

16.Make arrangements to discontinue cleaning services, pool maintenance, window cleaners, snow removers, landscapers etc.

17.Ensure that adequate insurance for all your household goods is still in place while your goods are in transit or storage.

18.Notify financial organizations, insurance companies, medical practitioners, credit card companies, etc. of your move.

19.Ensure that you have booked the elevator for your move.

20.Contact moving company and arrange for a scheduled date and time. If you haven’t done so already.

21.Order moving supplies, if you would like to start pre-packing some items on your own.

22.Typically, it takes about 8 hours to pack a three bedroom house, so allow yourself an extended amount of time, if you pursue this task on your own.

23.Arrange for storage or sale of unnecessary items that you decide not to bring to your new home.

24.Notify Canada Post of your change of address. Permanent address change within Canada for 6 months is $30 (plus applicable taxes). This service forwards your mail to a new address for a six month period.

25.Notification of your change of address to the following: Doctor/Dentist, Bank, Work, Memberships, Lawyer, Schools, Credit Cards, Fitness Institutions, Accountant, Veterinarian, Family/Friends, Daycare.

26.Change you address on your (1) Driver’s License, (2) Vehicle Registrations and (3) OHIP .You do NOT have to visit a Ministry Office for these changes. They may be done at a Service Ontario Kiosk or online for free. Ministry of Transportation regulates that you notify them of your move within six days of changing your address. Ministry of Health advises that failure to notify them of your new address may affect your health coverage.

27.Change your address for any magazine or newspaper subscriptions

28.Disconnection of existing alarm company servicing.

29.Your lawyer will typically contact the gas and hydro companies with your information. However, it may be a good idea for you to ensure that this is completed. Enbridge Gas: 416-492-5100Toronto Hydro:   416-542-8000  416-542-8000    416-542-8000  416-542-8000

30.Two other important numbers are: Bell-Canada: 416-310-BELL and Rogers Cable:   416-448-7333  416-448-7333  
We know moving can be a stressful time. So many things to think of and do that your check list becomes longer and longer. Here we’ve developed one place you can quickly access several services that you can change your information directly online, or provides you with quick access numbers and information to help make your move a smooth move.

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