Buyers: Avoid Bidding Wars in the Assignment Market


Buyers looking to avoid multiple offer situations should consider the assignment market. With several condo buildings coming on-line in the downtown core this winter and spring, many sellers will be looking to sell before registration. Buying by assignment gives you the opportunity to avoid the bidding wars that are rampant in the resale market.

Nearly all listings on the resale market downtown priced under $350K are generating multiple offers. The lower the price, the more activity on the listing, the more showings, the more offers. Every day I have buyers calling me and emailing me who are looking to buy a condo downtown for under $250K. The market is hot, everyone wants a piece of it, and suddenly anyone with a few extra dollars in the bank considers themselves a real estate investor.

My advice is to consider buying an assignment at a building that is about to take occupancy or is in the occupancy period but not yet registered. For example, my investor client has a Junior 1 bedroom suite (525 sq ft) at West Harbour City with an asking price of $249,000. Occupancy is slated for March. A great starter condo or investment unit in what will likely be an excellent building. If this unit were on the resale market, it would likely be priced at something more like $269,000. Assignments like this give buyers the chance to save a little money and a little sanity.

Make sure you are working with a Realtor and a lawyer who understands assignments! Most do not and will only cause severe frustration for you.

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